New project : 1964 Marcos 1800 GT

This is my latest work. I discovered the car thanks to an article in a french magazine (Sport Auto, issue of march 2006) Here are the latest pics I produced on it :

Marcos render 007 Marcos render 005

Marcos render 006 Marcos render 004

I’m modeling from the blueprint available on the net : I found this one on :

Marcos blueprint

I posted about it on and I’m currently spending some time adding details and playing with materials.

2 thoughts on “New project : 1964 Marcos 1800 GT

  1. :

    Great work – Would you allow me to post one of your renderings (and a link) from our website on Marcos cars?



    Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you appreciate. Feel free to post a render, that’s why I put the whole site under a CC license. So as long as you mention name and link, I’m OK. Let me know if you need a special render 🙂

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