New site : migration and data loss

With the new blog engine online, I’ll allow anyone to see stats for the site. As you can see by your self on the stats page, there’s a big hole in visits for April and May.

Because of inattention, I lost statistics for the site for almost whole April.  Unfortunately, it was a really good month (more than 8000 page views for about 4500 unique visitors). That is, my best month so far.

The hole for May has several origins : my wife gave me a second little marvel (welcome to the world, Gaspard !), we all moved to a new house and I started a brand new job. So the server was down for some weeks.

I hope I will regain soon a constant growth as I was used to for more than a year. Thanks you, every visitor, for viewing my work and tutorials. Keep coming here, there is some new tutorials to come, just like my latest one : realistic light setting in Blender !

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