2004 Ariel Atom II

I submitted a contest on www.smcars.net about modeling lightweight cars : the “Light is Right” contest, of course name after the famous quote from the very famous Colin Chapman. Nothing more than about 950kg !

The deadline is for end of August. So far, we’re 12 competitors. Of course I’m in the contest, with a 2004 Ariel Atom II.

Ariel Atom II render 018 Ariel Atom II clay 007

I first discovered about the car in a review by french publication “SportAuto” : 7 pages by Laurent Chevalier with great photos by their impressive photograph Greg. That was in October, 2003.

I’m going for a as-full-as-possible modeling of it. Realistic renderings above and below are done with Blender internal renderer. It’s not able to do Global Illumination, but carefully tweaking Ambient Occlusion allowed me to be pretty satisfied with the result. Especially with the last render I produced, shown above.

Ariel Atom II render 014 Ariel Atom II clay 006

Ariel Atom II render 015 Ariel Atom II render 023

I posted about it no less than 5 different boards, here’re links to my topics :

I hope I will have enough time to complete it until contest deadline. Hey, contests are intented to be won 😉

2 thoughts on “2004 Ariel Atom II

  1. Good day! Want to build this car,but bad разбитаюсь in 3 d моделировании.Немоглибы you send more detailed drawings of the ariel atom with размерамию

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