Ariel Atom II : looking for a render style

I’m still working on the Ariel Atom II. The modeling process continues but as a little break, I tried to find out some new interesting setups for rendering. Here’re the 3 setups I got :

Ariel Atom II render 039 Ariel Atom II render 040 Ariel Atom II render 041

The first one is a simple outdoor setting. A textured plane acts as a simple ground. The background is an HDRI map, and is used for global illumination. A single light is added to add bright sunlight.

The second one is a circle of many lights around the car, in a totally black environment. There’s almost no need for global illumination, as each light casts shadows : a smooth blend of shadows can be obtained with enough lights. In this picture, there’s about 40 lights.

The last pic is a simple studio scene. A great white plane is located above the car. It’s emitting the only light used in the scene.

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