New project : a SuperSeven against zombies

I’m back with my last project. And it’s a bit … well … different !

There is a new contest on After the lightweight cars contest I proposed (please see and, someone came with a new idea : design the vehicle you’ll want to drive if the world were infested by zombies. And with the trend with zombies movies the last few years, the contest sounded as a good idea to many peoples. There is about 10 serious entries as of writing.

SuperSeven clay 017 SuperSeven clay 015

I decided to join, with a … lightweight car. History loves repetitions šŸ˜‰ That’s my Super Seven, designed to escort convoys or to perform hit-and-run attacks.

Blades, spikes, bull bar, flame throwers, rotative minigun, rocket launchers, chainsaw, heavy caliber (.50 !!!) sniper rifle. The whole stuff is there to make sure the driver and its copilot stay as safe as possible. Here’s the .50 rifle, based on a Garrett M82. 57″ long…

SuperSeven clay 014 SuperSeven clay 016

And for carefully looking people, there is a little easter egg. Euh, sorry, an easter monkey. Suzanne, the Blender mascot, made it as a brand figure.

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