Ariel Atom II : blueprints

Based upon my Ariel Atom II model I did for the SMC contest “Light Is Right” (and which won the contest ;)), and because of some request for it, I made some orthographic views to use as blueprints.

Ariel Atom II blueprint : top Ariel Atom II blueprint : bottom

Ariel Atom II blueprint : front Ariel Atom II blueprint : rear

Ariel Atom II blueprint : left Ariel Atom II blueprint : right

The grid seen in background has 10cm steps. The model is unfinished but anyways it’s the best blueprint for Ariel Atom 2 I have ever seen – as it’s the only one I’ve seen !

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  1. Erick :

    Hi Tom,

    As you know i have been trying to make the Ariel a personal proyect since 2009 (See older posts) but i have encountered an issue with the measuring units in Blender that have prevented me from cutting the pipes. what does 1 Blender Measuring Unit stand for? In other words, in order for my full scale model to be the same size as the original one, what measuring unit calculation must i do ?


    Sorry for the inexcusably long delay too.

    I always use the following : 1 blender unit = 1 meter. Blender doesn’t make this mandatory but that’s how I work.

  2. I don’t know, I only did “reverse design” from pictures and general specs. Try to contact the brand, Ariel.

  3. Hi, I am from India. I have been planning on building my own car for some time and have come up with a slightly altered version of the atom., but I am not sure of the dimensions to start building

  4. hi!!i am from philippines i’ve been to say that !!i just have a question about the atom’s blueprint what is the formula for using the electronic configuration??


  5. You can download the full 3D model for free on my “Free models” page. From there, you can mesure everything in Blender, a free 3D package I used to model the car.

    Alternatively, you can use the 10cm grid shown in these blueprints.

  6. My name is Christian, I’m from Argentina. I’m going to become a Industrial Designer and its my dream to built an ARIEL ATOM Replica… I’d be very happy if you could send me the ariel atom frame on Solidworks (Sketch). So i start to build one for me…@ (
    Many thanks in advance and good luck!!!

    My best regards,
    Christian Atkinson.

  7. Hello, your project looks interesting. Don’t hesitate to post pictures or links here ! I’m not sure I can export to Solidworks / Sketch from Blender, but there is many other export formats available. What about 3DS ?

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