Citroën C5 Coupé DTM

Real World Racer (short RWR), the new official SMC contest, has already started. I’m in with a “slight” modification of my everyday car.


For an upcoming tutorial, I created a wire cage of my C5 Tourer (that is, the wagon) using this blueprint :

citroen_c5-tourer_2008So I studied a lot of DTM reference pictures, and modified the wire cage to turn it into a DTM Coupé.

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Of course I changed some stuff during modeling, and more will be changed until the contest comes to an end. Here’s the current state of the model :

00012 00011 00013

11 thoughts on “Citroën C5 Coupé DTM

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  2. justspeeding :

    hi this car is verry nice and accurate. Well Done

    i use your blueprints to model it by myself . Thx

    do you have wire pictures of it?

    i’m a noop in modeling

    I’m glad you like it ! I will post wireframes later, please check my website later 😉

    If you need some help about modeling, please head to It’s a great community with great artists and you’ll get constructive feedback on your own projects.

  3. hi
    ty for the fast respons

    here is a link for an image of my car

    a fast render after 4 hours work

    need to tweak the hood and side a bit more and model the back and underbody


  4. Hello
    Congrats properly designed and accurate car.
    Can you tell me which tool is used by for designing this car?

  5. bari :

    Congrats properly designed and accurate car.
    Can you tell me which tool is used by for designing this car?

    Thanks, glad you like. The design was inspired by DTM versions, and for accuracy I own the Tourer version (station wagon) so it’s easier that way 😉

    To design and model the car, I used Blender, a free and opensource 3D software available at Renders are done with Yafaray, a free and opensource Renderer available at

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