Yafaray shaders database

When I woke up last Sunday morning, I noticed the BlenderNation entry about a LuxRender shaders database.

I don’t use LuxRender but Yafaray. This renderer is the successor of the well-known Yafray, and it’s a full rewrite to achieve great speed and nice functionnalities.

I thought : “It’s a shame a famous renderer like Yafaray doesn’t have a shaders database on its own”. So I started to create one from scratch this morning.

As of now it’s already the 2nd version online : check it out now : http://yafaray.thomasbaron.net

This is a really fresh project, so don’t expect to see it full of great shaders at this stage. Current goal is to enhance the site to achieve something suitable for daily use. Features are, as of writting :

  • Free accounts opened right now
  • Download a standardized scene to achieve consistent previews
  • Upload your shader easily
  • Browse the existing categories
  • Create your own categories
  • Use the built-in search engine

3 thoughts on “Yafaray shaders database

  1. Hi, great idea! Ive seen a couple of places that has materials for Yaf(a)ray but they are usually real slow or just not working(the sites, not the materials)

    I realise i am way late for this but ^^ But still, these sites help me get better, and i just got Yaf(a)ray two days ago, or something like that.. So getting materials and studying them is quite useful for me. So thanks 🙂

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