Modeling a car with Blender, a high-end, detailed tutorial

Ever wanted to know how to achieve a good 3D model of a car ? No matter you are amateur or pro, this tutorial aims to teach the workflow and every move you need to know to achieve a good car. It’s based on Blender, to allow everyone do it without requiring access to high-priced or warez software. But it can apply to virtually any 3D package.




I based this work on my latest project, a coupe-convertible Citroën C5. If you’re allergic to this brand, or to cars in general, don’t worry : this material applies to any manufactured project : no matter it’s big or small, no matter it’s cheap or high-end.

The tutorial is a on-going series of posts. It starts from the very beginning of modeling and covers every aspect : hard surface modeling with a focus on high-end quality and accuracy, best meshing practices to create a nice polyflow, tips to soluce most common issues. More than just the body, it will deals with all other parts creation : tires, rims, wheel details, windows, grilles, chrome and rubber trim, with also a fully detailed interior.



It already exists in two different languages, english and french. It’s also an interactive process : you can follow the progress of the tutorial as I write it, and you can comment, critic or ask for any complement you want. Please head to the following forums :

Both forums requires sign-up to post comments or questions, but it’s free and worth the time it will take you. If you want to contribute with translations in other languages, let me know in a comment.

Stay tuned for more, and meet you there for your feedback !

4 thoughts on “Modeling a car with Blender, a high-end, detailed tutorial

  1. Hello Thomas, first of all thanks for share your knowledge. I definitely got to try your method because from what I can see it gives better result than mine :). I’m a noob in blender but I love cars and reproduce them in a 3d environment is simply amazing! I followed some tuts for beginners to understand the basic tools fo modelling, then I started modellin a 2006 Porsche GT3 cup… I’d like to show you my work just to have some feedback and sure I’d like to ask many question to you, because definitely the way I try to model isn’t the best (nor better) way to do it. Please let me know if I can show you my little “work”! Thanks again for the tutorial.

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