Some blueprints

You’ll find the blueprints I used for my models, or the ones I produced from my models.

25 thoughts on “Some blueprints

  1. Hi, Thanks, for your picture, Congratulation for you. Please help me to send the Drawing, it is will make me easy to build TO MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE, yes its true Thanks alot, see you.

  2. hello, where can i download the ariel atom electronic blueprints? can you please send them? i would be eternally grateful

    Jorge hdz

  3. Hi tom, I want to do a lamborghini sesto elemento with 3ds max, but insight3d dosnt work for me (I cant save a project and i cant export in VRML and other formats). maby you can share with me your 3d blueprintsof this car?
    P.S.Im sorry for my bad english

  4. hi its is shri here from india ….can i add u r link on my website ??? so that i can direct my visitors directly on to this page ?? i will launch my site in november and its a mechanical engineering info site …..please mail me back if u wish to give me the chance ….

  5. Hi Tom,

    I really really need a piece of information from your regarding your Ariel Atom project. I have been trying to build the car using your Blender art as the source since 2009. I finally learned how to manipulate Blender so that i can get the lengths and angles needed from the chasis but 1 serious have 1 show stopper; I can’t tell what 1 Blender measuring Unit represents in real life according to your settings. PLEASE help me out on this one so i can proceed with this project.

    Thanks a million,

  6. Hi TOm,

    Here is an example of what i am talking about… I get tubes measuring 0.272 units for the base where the seats sit, so my WILD guess is that this unit may be in meters and I should just multiply by 100 to get cm’s. Is this corect?


  7. Please mail all the information you have on the ariel atom to me i live in africa and everything dam expensive would love to build a ariel atom

  8. I work as a Engineering trainer in Australia and would like the opportunity build this fantastic machine with a diesel engine with my students as a project. If you could see your way to forwarding your plans to me it would be fantastic.
    In advance thank you.


  9. Fantastic machine and would love opertunaty to build one , would be awesome if you could send me plans for atom.

  10. Hello, which drawings are you looking for ? You can already download these from this page, I haven’t better quality.

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