CG for HiFi

That’s been a long I didn’t publish here. Far from automobile CG, far from CG also. But I didn’t lost interest, I just started to do some DIY HiFi. And when trying to figure out how to build a cabinet, what can be more helpy than … CG ?

Here’s a quick CG project of mine, started to plan the design and build of a DIY subwoofer :

0003 0006 0008

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Todo list

Going through my personal archive, I rediscovered a 4-years-old list of cars I thought of for modeling. Old selection, but still a solid selection I think :

Aston Martin DBS
Ferrari F430 Spider
Porsche Carrera GT
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster
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Yafaray Shaders Database : updated

I decided to get back to work with my online, collaborative, shaders database for the free and excellent renderer Yafaray.

Why ? Because I’m still using Yafaray only, because it’s great and efficient and also because I didn’t found any other initiative like mine. So I guess it’s the best one so far šŸ™‚

Of course such a database will always sucks unless it’s full of great shaders, so I uploaded some from my latest project, the mighty Hennessey Venom GT cab’ concept. I also fixed some bugs and I’m now looking for new features.

The link didn’t changed : Spread the word, browse the site and feel free to report any critic or feature request you may have as a comment below. Thanks ! new official contest : SMCars goes topless !

Le Mans 24 hours are behind us, so it’s official : summer is here !!! And here, everyone who says summer, thinks “what kind of contest SMCars has thought about ?”.

Here’s the 2010 official contest for this summer : SMCars goes topless !!!

The idea is really simple : model and render a roof-less car. Any roofless car can apply : convertible (no matter soft or hard top), targa, spider, roadster, etc. You can even make your own from an existing model, or design an all-original concept.

Head right now to the SMCars Goes Topless thread to discover the full set of rules and starting thinking about your entry now !

Yafaray shaders database

When I woke up last Sunday morning, I noticed the BlenderNation entry about a LuxRender shaders database.

I don’t use LuxRender but Yafaray. This renderer is the successor of the well-known Yafray, and it’s a full rewrite to achieve great speed and nice functionnalities.

I thought : “It’s a shame a famous renderer like Yafaray doesn’t have a shaders database on its own”. So I started to create one from scratch this morning.

As of now it’s already the 2nd version online : check it out now :

This is a really fresh project, so don’t expect to see it full of great shaders at this stage. Current goal is to enhance the site to achieve something suitable for daily use. Features are, as of writting :

  • Free accounts opened right now
  • Download a standardized scene to achieve consistent previews
  • Upload your shader easily
  • Browse the existing categories
  • Create your own categories
  • Use the built-in search engine

New SMCars contest : Real World Racer

The SMC community is helding another great official contest : Real World Racer. As they states :

Ever dreamed of driving a race-car? I know I have… How about designing your own? If that’s a big 10-4 for you too, than SMC has got an engine-oil-soaked treat for you…

this particular Contest is asking you to do the following; Pick a car, or design your own, and tailor it towards a certain motorsport. That is it. We want this Contest kept simple to allow your imaginations to run wild and naked throughout SMC. We don’t want them too wild and naked though, so the only limits are technology to the present day, so no light-speed hovering space jet-ski racers, mkay? Other than that, go for gold!!

Some examples of what we’re looking for? A Lamborghini Countach modified to compete is the Paris-Dakar Rally, a Fiat 500 stripped and suped to race in the SuperGT leagues, a Honda Civic made to break the land-speed record… Getting the idea??

The goal is clear, and the contenders brought some crazy projects :

  • Volkswagen Passat Wagon with Pike’s Peak style
  • Holden Commodore intended for Dakar
  • Mitsubishi Lancer for street racing
  • Zagato Perana as a FIA GT
  • Toyota Hilux as a drift machine

And for the first time for SMC, there is not only medails to win, but your choice a single die-cast model from Die-Cast Model Cars to the value of $100 !

To learn more about it : To see all the entries : To engage :

PS : Of course I’m in…

New site : migration and data loss

With the new blog engine online, I’ll allow anyone to see stats for the site. As you can see by your self on the stats page, there’s a big hole in visits for April and May.

Because of inattention, I lost statistics for the site for almost whole April.Ā  Unfortunately, it was a really good month (more than 8000 page views for about 4500 unique visitors). That is, my best month so far.

The hole for May has several origins : my wife gave me a second little marvel (welcome to the world, Gaspard !), we all moved to a new house and I started a brand new job. So the server was down for some weeks.

I hope I will regain soon a constant growth as I was used to for more than a year. Thanks you, every visitor, for viewing my work and tutorials. Keep coming here, there is some new tutorials to come, just like my latest one : realistic light setting in Blender !