Aston DB9 : yet another update

Here’s my latest work on the DB9 modeling. Still same rendering setup as previous post on it.

DB9 render 018 DB9 render 020 DB9 render 021

New parts are :

  • Part of side mirrors : is missing the base plate for the moment
  • Preliminary rear fog lights
  • Proximity sensors at the bottom of the rear bumper
  • A license plate at the rear (with nothing on it for the moment) : I think I’wont put anyone on the front, it doesn’t suit the car at all !

Illustration of my modeling process with Aston Martin DB9

Just a few screenshots from my DB9 model in Blender to show the way I’m getting from blueprints to a full model. Still to be completed, as the model is not yet complete.

Not so many words here, please pay attention to the pictures. All information is in them.

Step 0, I setup my blueprint :

DB9 modeling process 00

Step 1, I model major bodylines, to have a sketch of the car :

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