My free models

I decided to release some of my models for free. You’ll find them below, as .zip files containing a .blend file. This .blend file is the 3D model, you need to download and install Blender to view them, use them or convert them to your usual 3D file format.

Please consider donate via the link on the right. It will help be writing more tutorials, and releasing more full 3D models for free. So donating is a good way to keep this site and especially this page alive. Thanks for your attention.

These models by Thomas Baron are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 License. You can download them, use them (commercially or not), modify them and redistribute them (under the same terms) Enjoy !

Creative Commons License

Marcos 1800GT

(5.63MB zip file containing Blender model)

Ariel Atom II

(1.70MB zip file containing Blender model, added on April 6, 2009)

58 thoughts on “My free models

  1. Maybe the issue comes from Blender modifiers (mirror, surface smoothing, …). I will clean the model of these modifiers and try to export it by myself. Stay tuned šŸ™‚

  2. Dear Tom,
    I am in South Adrica, Cape town and planning to build an Ariel to replace my Suzuki Bandit. It is getting too risky for my liking and I want to include my partner on my trips.
    I would like to obtain drawings for manufacturing the chassis at a sub-contractor.
    I would have to adapt it to suit a local vehicle. VW golfs are a huge market here as well as toyotas, corrolla which should give the performance required. Both brands are raced extensively here in RSA
    I do not have any CAD experience but will forward details of a youngster who can do all that is necessary, he is a draughtsman.
    Francois J Marais

  3. Thank you Tom,
    We have had an overseas trip in the meantime so the project was on hold.
    Will now regroup and start the down load etc.
    Francois M

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